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It’s Nino’s month and Nino’s day, so, of course, there is a celebration! \o/

Ninomi, as the years pass, it’s getting quite hard to write something new… Well, first of all, let me congratulate you for a recent achievement you had: your prize in the Japanese Academy Award, or, the Japanese “Oscar”! You certainly deserved it for all the excellent work you do as an actor! So, congratulations!

Second, since there is nothing new to write, I decided to tell a story: my story with Ninomi! XD Or better, the story of how I became to love him more! As everybody here in LJ knows, I am a Juntoshi shipper and I am quite jealous of sharing Ohno! XD So, I didn’t like Riida’s pairs, including him and Nino, the pair that always get the attention… But! As the time went by, I started to notice that Nino is close to all Arashi members (it’s easy to ship him with any member), more than that, he is actually jealous of the other members, in the sense, that the others members are his and his only! XD It’s easy to notice that in their TV Shows, when a close guest of the others members comes… So, when I noticed that, I realized Nino is like us, like Arashi fans! A big Arashi fan and he loves and protects the all the others members! So, it became inevitable to love him! Please, Ninomi, keep taking good care of “your” members! ^.~

Also, keep being the talented, intelligent, clever, funny and wonderful idol you are! To you, I always wish all the happiness in the world and a good health to face everything life may bring to you! Congratulations, dear Ninomi! ^.^

I hope you can celebrate your day with your beloved ones and with Arashi! ^.^ Or playing games in your house, like you love! XD

Happy Birthday, dear Kazu-kun! \o/

To celebrate, as usual, have some Matsumiya, because Ninomi love his “J”!

Thanks in advance for the ones who will read or comment in this post! Happy June to everybody!

Credits: Fanart requested by me and made by [personal profile] nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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