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It’s Birthday time again… So, it’s time to post and celebrate! \o/ Happy 36th Birthday, dear Ohno Satoshi! ^.^

Like usual, I don’t have anything new to write about Riida that I haven’t already written… That’s why, this time, I will do it inspired by “Are You Happy?” tour! The five of them are using jackets in which is written what makes them happy… So, I will write here what makes me happy in Riida!
Ohno Satoshi: Riida. Beautiful Voice. Wonderful Dance. Amazing Artist. Simple. Humble. Charming. Cute Laugh. Loves Jun-kun smile. Makes Jun-kun smile. Doesn’t impose himself on members. Loves his members. Care about his fans.
In short, that’s all I admire in you, so, keep being this wonderful Riida! \o/
May life brings to you all that makes you happy! Always! Because you certainly deserve!
Happy 36th Birthday, dear Ohno Satoshi! \o/
I hope you can be celebrating your day in a way that will make you happy! ^.^

To celebrate and make myself happy, 36 Juntoshi gifs! \o/

Happy Ohnovember to everybody! ^.^

Credits: Fanart requested by me and made by [personal profile] nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.


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